Best Indie Songs - Week 41 (10 Must Hears) 2013

Best of Indie

Firstly, congratulations on making it through that last weekend, and the, let's be honest, complete let down that was Miley Cyrus on Saturday Night Live. Secondly, a very warm welcome to this week's best indie songs! Thanks to all of the Curators who helped me out with this week's pickings from Lorde, Cults, Grooms and even more. If you think you've got what it takes to be a Curator, then click here!



Lorde “White Teeth Teens”

Lorde wrote a song about Miley Cyrus. I imagine the face of Chiclets is the subject of “White Teeth Teens,” anyways. By the way, Miley, isn't the color of your bottom teeth supposed to match the top?


Cults “High Road”

Hah, check out this top YouTube comment from Bibiana: “Sounds like Forever 21 music.” I'm think I'm going to have to agree with her. This new video kind of looks like a Forever 21 commercial, too.


The Head and the Heart “Another Story”

Next week, The Head and the Heart will unveil their sophomore album, Let's Be Still. Check out this lyric video for their latest cut, “Another Story,” particularly if you track “positive vibes” on Tumblr.


Blood Cultures “Indian Summer”

Talking of “good vibes,” dig on this new single from the enigmatic Blood Cultures. By “enigmatic,” I mean I've got no idea who fuck this guy is. He covers his face with a balaclava, for goodness sake.


PATRÌCE “Smoke and Mirrors (FÜCHSE Remix)” via Curator, Duffster

Do you like free stuff? Good, as I like free stuff, too. I also like “Smoke and Mirrors” by PATRÌCE. I also, also like FÜCHSE's uptempo reworking. The fuck I'm going with this? Click here to find out.


ASTR “R U With Me?”

I've been kind of obsessed with ASTR ever since they released “Operate,” and now the duo are back with “R U With Me?” If you dig, then also check out their cover of Drake tearing up Hype Machine.


High Highs “A Real Hero (Cover)”

High Highs take “A Real Hero” out the darkened streets of Los Angeles and relocate it to the middle a forest inhabited by half naked and soaking wet hipster men. Hey girl, do I look like Ryan Gosling?


Forest Fire “Cold Kind”

Okay, I've got no idea what I just watched, though I feel dirty. I blame you, Galen Bremer, since you directed this mindfuckery of a video. Joy Division meet Connan Mockasin on this cut from Screens.


Grooms “Infinity Caller”

Brooklyn shoegazers, Grooms, team up with various crowd sourced animators on this new video for “Infinity Caller,” which is taken from the trio's criminally underrated third album of the same name.


Josh Record “Bones”

I first introduced you to “Bones” by Josh Record in Week 16. The British heart, who recently opened for Lorde in London, is finally releasing this song next month, so time for a relisten, don't you think?


That's it for yet another week. Don't look so upset, hipster kid! I'm back next Monday with more best indie songs. If you'd like to contribute to our weekly roundup, then why not sign up to be a Curator?

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