New Indie Music-10 Best Weekly (Week 6) 2013

Best of Indie

By the time you read this, the 49ers or the Ravens would have won the Super Bowl, but more importantly, Beyonce would have nip slipped her way through the Halftime Show. Only messing...we bet Queen Bey RULED! Plus nobody can BOMB like the Black Eyed Peas BOMBED in 2011. Ugh! But that's enough pop talk until Wednesday (when we publish our Best of PopKiller) - now it is time to pump some top indie songs back into your Budweiser-sodden system. BURP!


Local Natives “Colombia”

Did Hummingbird live up to our expectations?! Duh! The album's “de facto” closer, “Colombia,” is about the death of Kelcey Ayer's mother. Insert a superlative here because, brb, we are going to hug our mom.


Local Natives “Wide Eyes”

If you dug on Hummingbird, get hit in the man feels all over again with Local Natives' debut album, Gorilla Manor. Here is said album's opening track, “Wide Eyes.” You're so welcome!


The Knife “Full of Fire”

The Knife are back after seven years with a nine minute techno concerto and a “short film" starring lesbians, urinators and cross-dressers. Standard.


Jagwar Ma “The Throw”

In dreams, Jagwar Ma wear baggy pants, bucket hats and come from Salford. In reality, Jagwar Ma wear drainpipe jeans, baseball caps and come from Sydney.


A$AP Rocky “Goldie”

Have you li$tened to LONG.LIVE.A$AP yet? Get on it, bro$. It'$ the Goblin of 2k13. Hip$ter rap for hip$ter people. Check out the album'$ lead $ingle, “Goldie” (A$AP lo$t the choru$).


How To Destroy Angels “How Long”

Trent, we appreciate that you want to keep the wife happy, and we admit, we are kinda looking forward to Welcome Oblivion... But dude, write a new Nine Inch Nails record, already!


Caveman “In The City”

Caveman sold you a flight to New York, but “In The City” could not sound further removed from the concrete jungle (where dreams are made of...apparently).


Wavves “Demon To Lean On”

All that weed is doing young Nathan Williams no good. In “Demon To Lean On,” he cuts a lonely, paranoid and depressed figure... Well at least he sounds awesome!


My Bloody Valentine “Only Shallow"

We'll be bringing you our thoughts on My Bloody Valentine's brand new album, mbv, in the next few days... Until then, submerse yourself into the Loveless classic, "Only Shallow...” Call us Bilinda!


That's it for this week, everybody! Did we miss something?! Well don't just sit there - tell us about it, douchebag! Comment below or over at the Facebook page! Catch you next Monday for some more top indie songs that will hopefully make you feel as good as this bro: