Top Indie Songs (10 Favs) - Week 18 2013

Best of Indie

It's Monday, and that can only mean one thing, kids! It's time for the best indie songs of the week (directed by Steve Buscemi)! Hey, look, I know the start of the working week sucks big, hairy balls! But will brand new The xx, The Flaming Lips, Thee Oh Sees, Taken By Trees, and other artists (not necessarily beginning with a “T”) help to see you through it?! I thought f*cking so!


The xx “Together”

Get a fucking load of The xx featuring on The Great Gatsby soundtrack! Perhaps Leonardo DiCaprio is a big fan? Well, he was photographed, ahem, “dancing” at Coachella a fortnight ago... But, returning to “Together.” This is boring as hell, am I right?


The Flaming Lips “Look The Sun Is Rising [Live]”

So, apparently some weird shit is going on in The Flaming Lips' camp. Wayne Coyne left his wife for a groupie, and (the amazing) Steven Drozd had a drug relapse (sigh). But, out of the weird shit, has come one of their greatest (and most depressing) albums yet...


Portugal. The Man “Purple Yellow Red & Blue”

“All I, wanna do is, snuggle in a duvet.” I am so mind f&cked right now! Can somebody please explain this video to me? Who is that lady whisking eggs? What is that goat doing in the limousine? When can I buy that tape? Evil Friends is going to be. Interesting?

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Ruby Pins "Chameleon"

TIL: Pitchfork will feature any video, if enough moolah changes hands?  (I don't know for sure...just sayin). I mean, really! This video looks like it came straight out of the garage, almost as much as “Chameleon” sounds like it was made on an, I quote, “old computer.” No beef with Ruby Pins! Only Pitchfork the "P" standing for "Posting everything under the sun." 


Wild Nothing “A Dancing Shell”

Indie has been dropping far too much acid, this week! “Colorful geometric humanoids” star in the new video for “A Dancing Shell.” Did anybody else spot the boob flowers? I want to grow boob flowers! The video is almost as interesting as the song, Jack Tatum. Great job!


Bonobo “First Fires [Feat. Grey Reverend]”

Bonobo. Bonobo. Bonobo. I like repeating his name. Derp! Here is the latest single to drop from The North Borders. Check out the top YouTube comment, from theneedledrop, no less: “Beautiful track.” Bow down, bitches. The “purveyor of good taste” has spoken...


Taken By Trees “Only You [Belief Remix]”

Who'd thought “Only You,” Taken By Trees' delicious slice of lime in my piña colada, could, one day, be a dubstep banger? Belief. Don't worry, the Los Angeles producer hasn't smothered Victoria Bergsman in womp. But dig on that percussion, yo!


Crystal Fighters “You & I”

Hmm, now that Devendra Banhart has cut his hair, and grown old “gracefully,” we need another “freak folk” artist to fap, fap, fap over... Step in, Crystal Fighters, who drop their sophomore album, Cave Rave, in May. By the way, I so did not cry at this video. I so did.


The Neighbourhood “Afraid”

“You’re too mean! I don’t like you! Fuck you anyway! You make me wanna scream at the top of my lungs! It hurts but I won’t fight you! You suck anyway! You make me wanna die!” Backing, away, slowly...


Thee Oh Sees “Toe Cutter - Thumb Buster”

I know what you're thinking! “Where's the indie classic?” Look, new music was too fucking gnar' this week for an “indie classic,” okay? Yikes! Thee Oh Sees' figurative attack of the shred, and literal attack of the tin can, “Toe Cutter - Thumb Buster,” is a worthy epilogue!


That's a wrap, pensive hipster with the vintage typewriter...

writes a sad poem

...but BitCandy will be back with the best indie songs next Monday. Until then, 'like' our Facebook, 'follow' us on Twitter, or send us that poem?!