Best Indie Songs - 10 New Tracks! (Week 46) 2012

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“It's just another manic Monday” -- to quote those raging MILFS, The Bangles -- so that can only mean one thing: it's time for BitCandy's Best Indie Songs, Week 46!  Holy crap, Barack! It is nearly Christmas time! Tubes everywhere are being overtaken by Mariah Carey rolling around in the snow in an inappropriately tiny Santa outfit. But don't worry, we here at BitCandy will do our best to keep you sane during the Christmas period, starting with the BEST indie of the week, plus some sneaky retro bonuses, below!

Oh, and dear record labels, don't be a DICK and just give us music fans a Soundcloud link, k?!


M83 “Teen Angst”

Tune in and drop out to this dreamy retro cut from M83's 2005 album, Before the Dawn Heals Us (oh yah, we were into him WHEY before “Midnight City”).


Lana Del Rey “Ride (Photek Remix)”


Lana “the lips” Del Rey's “Ride” is no longer the most depressing song in HISTORY thanks to the super talented, super underrated British producer, Photek.


Metz “Headache”

Our lugs can't get ENOUGH of Metz' self-titled debut album right now! Here is our favorite cut from the Toronto trio -- the ear-splitting, brain-frazzling, face-melting “Headache.” Who knew Canadians could be so LOUD?


School of Seven Bells “Faded Heart” / “Secret Days

Two slices from the forthcoming School of Seven Bells EP, Put Your Sad Down, out November 13th! “Faded Heart” is pure-bred, heart-shattering synth-pop, while free download, “Secret Days,” flips shit up with slinky 'lectronic production courtesy of Ben Curti. Vagrant Records won't let us embed the songs (assholes) you will have to click on the links instead. Soz!


EELS “Peach Blossom”

Peach Blossom” is the cranked-fucking-UP lead single from EELS' new album, Wonderful, Glorious, out February 13th on Vagrant Records (them know...that label that invented emo via The Get Up Kids...yeh...turns out they now super indie...they have even signed Active Child and School of Seven Bells, y'all). Soundcloud was link only (again) (bastards), so eat up a YouTube embed instead!


Flight Facilities “Clair De Lune (feat. Christine Hoberg)”

Here is Australian duo, Flight Facilities' ethereal eight minute ode to French Impressionist composer Claude Debussy’s classical, uh, classic, “Clair De Lune.” We swear it isn't as pretentious as that sentence just made it sound.


MS MR “Ash Tree Lane”

<p><a href="">Ash Tree Lane</a> from <a href="">MS MR</a> on <a href="">Vimeo</a>.</p>

The sombre indie-pop of MS MR's “Ash Tree Lane” + the horror-themed visuals of this Vimeo video exclusive = match made in heaven (or hell...)! “Ash Tree Lane” is lifted from the MS MR's deliciously-titled debut EP, Candy Bar Creep Show. For more the band, head on over to Best of Indie – Week 21, where we dropped the almighty “Hurricane.”


MS MR “Bones (Charli XCX Remix)”

Continuing the MS MR love here with a remix courtesy of another BitCandy fav, Charli XCX, who has transformed Candy Bar Creep Show cut, “Bones,” into a stormy and intense slice of 21st century industrial.


Foals “Inhaler”

This fresh track from Foals shuttles from falsetto funk grooves to full on guitar ASSAULTERY quicker than you can say “BAD ASS!” Bring on Holy Fire, Foals' third album, which is out February 11th!


Nine Inch Nails “Closer”

And finally, in celebration of Trent Reznor confirming new Nine Inch Nails material is OFFICIALLY in the works (EEK!), we close down this week's Best of Indie with “Closer,” the second best song to have sex to (#1 is “Face Down, Ass Up” by 2 Live Crew, clearly). Can you believe this song is 18 years old?!


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