Best of Indie! (10 Tracks) - Week 47 2012


Happy Monday...and International Men's Day (seriously)! So to all the dudes out there...sit back, relax and get your (imaginary) girlfriend to go and make you a sandwich, while you enjoy the Best Indie Songs of the week! And to the ladies about to click 'x' on this tab...JUST KIDDING! We <3 you really. So whether you're a guy...a girl...or both (that's you, Kim Kardashian)...scroll on down for 10 brand spanking new indie tracks (plus a retro mash up bonus) that you can listen to through your Beats by Dre...or SMS by 50 Cent.


The Faint "Evil Voices"

Holy SHIT! New The Faint! “Evil Voices” is lifted from a four-track EP, available exclusively on The Faint's tour. So get off your lazy ass and go see them!


Silver Swans “Actual Pain”

Can we all just slow the fuck down and savor this chill slice from dream pop duo Silver Swans' debut album, Forever?! JEEZ!


Kate Boy “Northern Lights”

We want to make sweet love with this debut single from Kate Boy (look, we're lonely, okay...). PS! Keep your eyes peeled for a forthcoming New Finds post on this Swedish-Australian synth pop outfit!


Jamie Lidell “What A Shame”

British multitasker, Jamie Lidell, will drop his self-titled sixth album in February. Here is the INSANE lead single, the soul/post-dubstep fusion, “What A Shame.” It's like Cee-Lo on speed!


Fidlar “AWWWKWAARRRDDD (ft. Kate Na$h)”

Dafuk Fidlar?! You are totally AWESOME (as we told you here)! So why are you collaborating with the totally NOT awesome Kate Na$h? But we admit...this song is SUPER we will let you off...this time!


Yo La Tengo "Before We Run"

A gorgeous, string-laden new song from The Velvet Underground's, uh, sorry, Yo La Tengo's forthcoming album, Fade, out January 14 in the UK and January 15 in the US (damn Brits...always getting cool shit first).


Trent Reznor “Theme from Call of Duty Black Ops II”

Trent Reznor's theme tune for Call of Duty: Black Ops II will give all you gamer dudes a RAGING hard on. Fans of Nine Inch Nails' The Fragile will also get wood (we did)!


How To Destroy Angels “On The Wing”

Speaking of Trent is our favorite song from the new How To Destroy Angels EP, Omen. So, we dig How To Destroy Angels and all, but most of the time, we are just sat there thinking: “Tick tock tick nice to your wife, Trent...tick tock...okay just give us another NIN album ALREADY!”


Moonface "Headed For The Door"

In April, Spencer Krug of Wolf Parade transformed into Moonface and dropped With Siinai: Heartbreaking Bravery, a collaboration album with the Helsinki kraut band, Siinai. Jagjaguwar have just unveiled the official video for the EPIC eight minute album cut, “Headed For The Door.” A treat for the eyeballs, earballs and uh...those other balls...


Crystal Castles “Child I Will Hurt You”

N'aw! Get a load of Crystal Castles showing their soft side on this cut from their (kinda average) new album, (III). Call us, ain't so skank now!


Wick-it the Instigator "Nineties FTW"

So we like to close down our Best of Indies with a vintage treat...but today we thought...fuck THAT! We want 11 vintage treats! Enter “Nineties FTW,” a mash up from Wick-it the Instigator, which fuses 11 CLASSIC indie icons, including Beck, Nirvana, Soundgarden, Rage Against The Machine, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Alice In Chains, Oasis, Sublime, Pearl Jam, The Smashing Pumpkins and Radiohead. Shit...our teen years just got condensed into 5 minutes 9 seconds!


Bad news, bros and have come to the end of BitCandy's Best Indie Songs. Hey, don't get emo...we will be back next week! But if you can't wait until then, bookmark our indie page! That way you can come and see us every single day...YAY! By the way, BitCandy bring you the best electro and alt-pop every week, as well. So bookmark those pages too! Can I get another “YAY!” up in here?!

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