Top Indie Songs - Whoa! That Are Actual Songs!


What's that stank? Oh, only the cr*p that BitCandy had to filter through to bring you this week's Best of Indie (we are looking at you, Willow Smith)! So when you are done weeping over the train wreck that is Coachella's line up (Red Hot Chili Peppers? Are you giving me a f*cking break?), scroll on down for the 12 top indie songs of the last seven days, plus a retro bonus from 'chella headliners, The Stone Roses... Who?


Crystal Castles “Sad Eyes”

Do you suffer from epilepsy? Then, for goodness sake, do not press play! Seizure inducing video aside - bad ass Marge Simpson sweater, Alice!


Foals “Inhaler”

When did Foals go from being a forgettable indie band with bad acne to...well...this?! Brutal...


The Joy Formidable “Cholla”

We are still scooping up the brains that The Joy Formidable blew back in September with “Cholla,” the second single to be lifted from the album, Wolf's Law, which dropped last week on Atlantic.


Ms Mr “Fantasy”

OMFG! It's here! “Fantasy” is the first single to be lifted from Ms Mr's debut album and one of BitCandy's most anticipated records of the year, Second Hand Rapture. What do you guys think?!


Ra Ra Riot “Beta Love”

We were bowel churningly excited for Beta Love! A bummer, then, that half of the album is headed for the BitCandy dumpster.


Black Handed Kites “Up”

South African folksters, Black Handed Kites, blind a bunch of innocent locals in the new video for “Up,” which was directed by the Cannes prizewinner, Robin Goode.


YAST “Stupid”

Another week, another Swedish export. The Malmö based, Sandviken born YAST will drop their debut album later this year on Adrian Recordings. Until then, enjoy this Pantene commercial.


Kilo Kish “Creepwave”

Kilo Kish (who wants us to tell Willow Smith that she wants to write a song for her) has been working on “Creepwave” for six months now. Was it worth the wait? You bet your ass it was.


The White Buffalo “Wish It Was True”

The White Buffalo's front man, Jake Smith, stars in what we can only assume is a bearded reinterpretation of Lana Del Rey's “Ride” video.


Shout Out Louds "Walking in Your Footsteps”

Back to Sweden, and to the Shout Out Louds, who put the flute back on indie's Nordic map with the Optica cut, “Walking in Your Footsteps.”


Lost Animal “Lose the Baby”

Alleviate your War on Drugs withdrawal symptoms with Lost Animal's debut album, Ex Tropical - out now on Hardly Art!


Local Natives “Heavy Feet”

Heavy Feet” is no “Breakers,” but it is still getting us pumped for Hummingbird which, holy crapola, is out today! To iTunes...ick.


The Stone Roses “Waterfall”

Paying out a shit load of  cash to spend the weekend with a wasted Danny DeVito will suddenly all seem worth it once The Stone Roses take to the Coachella stage. Right?!


BitCandy will be back with the best indie songs next week, but we are now off to Forever 21 to buy our #Coachellaaah outfit. See you in April, Vanessa Hudg, Paris Hilt and LiLo! We we so excited <3!