Skrillex & Rick Ross - Purple Lamborghini

All signs point to the soundtrack being the best thing to come out of the ensemble-train-wreck known as Suicide Squad. And the best thing to come out of the soundtrack is the Skrillex and Rick Ross collab, “Purple Lamborghini.” The video also lives up to the absurdly high expectations the OWSLA crew has set for themselves.

For starters, this song is so good and the sight of watching Jared Leto’s Joker kick it with Rick Ross and Skrillex feels so awesome and natural that you might miss the title character’s inconspicuous absence from this Colin Tilley-directed video. That’s fine though, this video allows Leto the opportunity to chew up some scenery in character, which had to be a nice change of pace from his glorified-cameo in the actual Suicide Squad. I’d watch an entire movie of The Joker going clubbing with Rick Ross. Actually let’s make it a series, 'cause we’re gonna need several eps.

And sure, one of the episodes can center around him and Skrillex and whatever they’re doing on that speedboat. But let’s focus on Joker, Mr. Ross, and the rest of hip hop royalty just chillin.



Suicide Squad is in theaters now. You can download or stream the soundtrack all the places you’d expect to.


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