Best New Video: Jungle "The Heat"


No Jungle video will ever touch the brilliance of "Platoon," but their latest "The Heat" is a top music video in its own right.  If you're wondering just who the f Jungle is, you're reading the wrong post.

You want our New Artist post on them. This is about their bitchin' song and the accompanying video. The video for "The Heat" is really just a performance by roller skating duo High Rollaz. At first this video just reminded me of that Diet Coke commercial with the Paul Oakenfold song in it, as all things with roller skates do. Upon several more viewing, it still does.

The combination of aural and visual stimuli is pretty much perfect.

Watch the official video for Jungle "The Heat" below:

Since we love you here at Bitcandy, we've queued up the viral video that is Jungle "Platoon" for ya:

Jungle's debut EP The Heat is out now on iTunes. If you want to pick it up in vinyl, click here.

Thanks for stopping by BitCandy, where this video has us wanting to break out the old fruit boots.