Teddybears - The Best You Ever Had

Swedish art-punk band THE TEDDYBEARS (not to be confused with ‘50s pop group The Teddy Bears) totally grabbed our attention this week with their funky dance-inspired track, “The Best You Ever Had,” and its eye popping, "Adult Swim" bumper-looking new video. In a way it’s a throwback to the days of Fatboy Slim-style alternative tracks, with loud retro guitars, spacey bubbling synths, and chopped up vocals that will keep you grooving all throughout its 3:33 duration. The track features rapper GORILLA ZOE’S distorted vocals, and they couldn’t have made a better choice. With memorable easy to remember lyrics like “acting like they hate me/ I know that they like me” and “I am the best you ever had,” it’s bound to become stuck in your head.



The video itself is perfectly fitting and definitely worth checking out, with its gif-worthy psychedelic edits and all around trippy feel. It’s a mix of retro-inspired footage, Tumblr-esque “cool” girls, and at times awesomely unsettling images that “up” the weird factor — Right now I can’t decide if I’m more bothered by the man about to electrocute himself in the bathtub, the line of spit that comes out of the mouths of the couple who just finished making out (if the close up of the tongue-on-tongue action didn’t already do the trick), or lastly, the trippy ear kaleidoscope effect at the 1:15 mark. In others words, it’s a very well edited and entertainingly fitting video that serves as the perfect partner to the insanely infectious track! You wont want to pass this one up.

If you aren’t already familiar with their work, be sure to check out THE TEDDYBEARS and give them a like on Facebook! And for even more awesome new music videos worth your precious time, be sure to head on over here.


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