Best Music Video: The National "Sea of Love"


I fail to be objective about The National any and every time. They're my favorite band currently making music, so I tend to think all of their songs are best new tracks.  The band released the latest track off their forthcoming record, Trouble Will Find Me, a wonderful little ditty called "Sea of Love" (which, thankfully, is not a cover of the Cat Power song from Juno) this week. They released "Sea of Love" in the midst of their Redit AMA (Ask Me Anything), which is just plain awesome.

The video for "Sea of Love" (which you can find below) apparently pays homage to whatever the f this is.

But enough with the foreplay, let's get to the song already, cause it's awesome.

Trouble Will Find Me is out May 20/21 (UK/US) via 4AD. So May 20/21, hurry the fuck up and get here.

What are your thoughts on The National "Sea of Love"?
Is the Cat Power version better?
Are The National THE BEST BAND EVAH?!?! or just a bunch of overrated existentialists?
Am I the only who feels like Matt Berninger's dances moves are a personification of the way my soul feels anytime I approach a cute girl?
Lastly, OMFG how cute is that kiddie?????