Tiga - Bugatti

Have you ever wondered what a Wes Anderson-directed techno video would look like? Well you no longer have to, thanks to Helmi and the best new video, Tiga "Bugatti."

Canadian DJ and guy-liner pioneer Tiga has a lucid new house beat with "Bugatti," and thanks to a gifted French director he's got a stunning video as well. The visuals are hypnotic and repetitive, like the song itself. While the visuals are certainly Anderson-esque, perhaps that's the wrong indie film analogy. This music video actually plays like the acid trip nightmare of the dream sequence in The Big Lebowski. Or maybe I don't know anything.

Just watch the damn video. It'll be the best/weirdest 3 and a half minutes you have all day.



Buggatti is due out December 8th via Virgin EMI. There's also a pretty bitchin' remix featuring Pusha T bumping around too.

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