Best Music Videos - Week 1 (+ Butt Cheeks) 2013

Best New Videos

The future of projections, classroom intruders not out to kill you, the art of a clenched butt cheek, sweet choreographed dance after dance, these are a few of our favorite best music videos things, this lovely first week of 2013.  Clenched butt cheeks, compliments of Sacred Caves below, specifically. Picture them like groundhog shadow currency here in the realm of tuneage and image. Let us just say it's going to be a fine year in YouTube land:


Kids Without Instruments - "Nausea Nostalgia (Video Preview)"

Who are these kids with their Lucky Charms hearts and diamond hats? Wizards, that's what. Wizardry! Twee indie-pop wizardry. Shedding wizard shadow tears and weaving marshmallow projector stars.


WIFE - "The Grey Ones"

Set to the Flying Lotus of Brazil, Amon Tobin, and his atmospheric electronica drama weavings, underground dance troupe WIFE performed this psychedelic take on the future of projections for a TEDx audience last year. Think the ultimate 2001: A Space Odyssey time-warp trip with dancers instead of HAL.  Nina from the group also directed the Kids Without Instruments video you just saw.  Dope.


We Are Augustines - "Chapel Song"

Moral of this beautifully tragic pew-perspective of an ex-love getting hitched: one out of every ten couples in a make out session attempt a butt grab. Also, "a pocket full of handshakes don't mean nothing," unless you have a wool trench coat and a guitar. 


Delta Rae - "Bottom of the River"

Not necessarily new...but how come bands don't make like Thriller and get their choreograph dance on so much any more like this macabre piece of gospel-struck swamp-rock genius? Conversely, we'd hold your hand down toward the bottom of a river any day, my dear, voodoo mask or not.  Our Top 5 favorite videos of 2012.


Van Halen - "Hot For Teacher"

There was a time in American history when the thought of someone bursting into a classroom wasn't such a bad thing. For instance, a bombshell teacher in a bikini. That teaches "phys ed," hair-metal wink. Or David Lee Roth in a tuxedo. It's a cruel cruel world we live in now, young minds.


Embers - "Days Turn Into Weeks"

Turns out Mitch Hedberg was wrong, escalators can become something other than stairs - they can move backwards and scare the shit out of rat-racers in this comically epic vision of the darker sides of Lady Time.


Sacred Caves - "On the Outside"

Finally, some butt cheek clenches synchronized to a drum machine. Our quest is over, friends. On silk sheets, just like we've dreamed. One last word: sacred. Remember it. And think about how this wouldn't be possible without "Wiggle It." Just a little bit. Except classier, like it should be.


David Bowie - "Let's Dance"

"Put on your red shoes and dance the blues." That's a money lyric. You know what else is money? Besides Bowie? American Express. When those magic red shoes you find in the desert don't seem all that magical anymore, remember how easy it is - zoom shot -  to purchase jewelry with American Express.

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Back to that "pocket full of handshakes" that don't have any meaning quip. Try this experiment this year: clench your butt cheeks and go give out some of these meaningless handshakes. Proceed to find meaning. We see bright blue skies in your future. Happy 2013, love BitCandy.


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