Best Music Videos-10 Indie Music Video Picks


Creepy, exploratory, soulless, in the 20th week stretch of the year's best music videos, we here at BitCandy are patting our heads and rubbing our stomachs at the same time with smiling stupor. Try it. And then try to make sense of Wayne Coyne putting a damn baby hand to his face while covering David Bowie's "Heroes." Are you still smiling? Okay then, consider yourself ready for the rest of these sweet visual jams:


Mother Falcon - 'Dirty Summer'

Young Radiohead-covering orchestra Austinite gang get slap-happy with their own tuneage, drawing blood even, at some misfit lightbulb house party. Or maybe they're just exercising frustrations for making a song that sounds exactly like a Ra Ra Riot b-side? Kids.


The Flaming Lips - 'Heroes' (Live)

Man, Wayne Coyne just gets more creepy genius in his old age. What is he doing to that baby's hand? What are you doing to that baby hand, Wayne? Would Bowie approve?


Maya Jane Coles feat. Karin Park - 'Everything'

Bird-murdering stalkers - gotta love 'em. Pretty progressive design, though - a dark room that doubles as a taxidermy table, and triples as a light studio. Er, DIY bird-suit factory.

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David Bowie - 'Let's Dance'

Oh hey, Bowie. Did you know Wayne Coyne is caressing baby hands to "Heroes?" It's true. See above. Or fine, just keep dancing in the dessert, that's fine. No one's legacy is getting tarnished.


ON AN ON - 'Every Song'

Proof that you don't need a big-house budget to weave some stunning sorcerer cloud visual magic. 'Dark Crystal', meet 'Care Bears', minus the 'toons. Now make time-lapse love.


Moko - 'Hand on Heart'

Why aren't all barbershops this cinematic? And why is no one paying attention to the girl dancing her soul away in the corner? No matter, we suppose. Pay attention to the fade: that moment when small boyz become big boyz.


Young Galaxy - 'Fall For You'

Every so often we forget how crazy it's going to be when inanimate objects will one day eventually rule the lands. But no need to fear - stop worrying and learn to love the synthetic beauty of something without a heartbeat. Because one day, that something might, and it will be cosmically glam, just you wait.


We're still on this baby hand trip. Why Wayne Coyne, why? Are babies your heroes? Are you the baby? Are you a born-again Bowie fan? Is Bowie the baby? Just for one day?