Best New Videos - Week 43 | 10 Indie Videos 2013


Did you know that every minute over 100 hours of video footage is uploaded to YouTube?!  Yes every minute!  And a good chunk of those are music vids...really bad ones.  Or even worse than bad...average!   Yeah, you guessed it...we despise the word average just like Miley despises the word "taste."  But no matter, sit back and let our curated music discovery team at BitCandy bring you the Best Music Videos of the week.


Forest Swords - Thor's Stone

I don’t know if this guy is half alien or half zombie, but either way, he can bend his shit in some real freaky ways. It’s sort of hypnotizing, no?!


James Blake (Feat. Chance The Rapper) - Life Round Here

Black and white videos are hella classy. FACT! Even those hoochie mammas dancing on the pavement look classy. I gotta say; Chance The Rapper is killing it on this track. But what I can’t figure out is why everyone is staring at them? Can’t we all just get along!


Fall On Your Sword - Shatner Of The Mount

Young or old, I can watch Shatner all damn day. He’s got that charismatic charm thing about him and he looks real sexy sitting atop that mountain. If every single music video was like this, I wouldn’t complain! (P.S If this one doesn’t go viral, you all suck big donkey cock!)


Kate Nash - Fri-End?

Fuck yeah, Nash is back! Or maybe she never left. I’m not really sure. But if this doesn’t make you wanna shake it, you have a very serious problem and should probably consult your local liquor store. Hey, you know what I just noticed? Colors are fun. And so is Kate Nash.


Steel Panther - Death To All But Metal

Hair metal seemed kinda…well, gay, until I saw this video. Now I’m totally pumped and think MTV programmers and record labels can suck my ass too. And who saw that Sarah Silverman appearance coming?! The funniest two words I’ve heard all week: Butt Metal. can see this bitchin band every Monday at House of Blues in Los Angeles ... with another residency in Las Vegas weekly.  We love them.  


The Tragic Thrills – Tears

Holy shit! These Mumford&Sons-Lumineers-sounding kids are good. So good that this track will probably change your life. Or at least your recent downloads list. And who wouldn’t like this modern-day Rocky thing that’s happening. The ending is epic, so be patient!


Ben Pearce - What I Might Do

Hipsters and random old dudes really know how to move to the top indie songs.  Pull these moves out in the club tonight and you’ll get everyone’s attention, and that’s all we really want, isn’t it?!  Now who wants to buy me a unicorn outfit?


Mali Michael - Wild Things

I feel like the afro is making a comeback. But for real, that smoking voice, that beautiful bedroom scene, this video is stunning! And the song is something special all on its own. But man, do bugs creep me out! I guess that’s the point though.


Little Boots – Shake

More record players. Yay! I feel like people don’t like to be over-stimulated these days. Maybe you’ve had a long night, maybe that last tequila shot got the best of you. Maybe you really just like watching things spin around. I know I do!


FKA twigs - Water Me

Woaw! Once you slip into this video, it’s hard to slip back out. Reality looks a bit different afterwards. A bit unusual. And that’s the effects of some great. Definitely! Share it, SHARE IT NOW! Then take a few minutes. Hell, take an hour. Because this video deserves it.


Djedjotronic - Abyssal Zone

Mini-movie music video. Woohoo! My attention span only lasts 5 minutes so luckily this video just made it. It gets pretty dramatic, and then it ends. Now I really feel like dripping into my own Abyssal Zone, so you better excuse me! Tata.


Catfish and the Bottlemen – Rango

Let’s lighten things up a notch with a super-duper awesome track and this cute little animation video. Sperm is gross, but these little guys are loveable and make cum-shots seems all that more interesting.  One thing I do know is that I enjoyed this video a lot more than that lame ass Rango movie.


The Neighbourhood – Afraid

When YouTube issues a warning before a video starts streaming, you know it’s going to be good. I mean I don’t know what the fuck is going on in any of those scenes, but I like it and sometimes it’s not all about understanding. Sometimes it’s about feeling. Feeling it right deep down in your head. Feeling it in your head. Feeling it in your loins. This video is about feeling, and when you feel it, you’ll know.