Best New Artists

On the radar here at We Are The Guard is the wise-beyond-her-years artist Chappell Roan, whose debut EP School Nights yielded the dark, but enlightened Good Hurt.
April Nhem, known professionally as Satica, is a singer/songwriter and a second-generation Cambodian-American. Her style mixes R&B, electronica, pop, and rock to produce tracks that transcend genres, and truly pleases listeners who don't restrict their tunes to one singular audience.
Quinn Lewis is an Australian songwriter currently residing in the songwriting capital of the world, Nashville Tennessee. He’s making quite the name for himself as a powerhouse musician with a legion of adoring fans clued in to a something we’re just getting to now.
Though our new favorite singer FJØRA is not from the Balkans like her name suggests, but rather a Toronto native currently based in New York and Nashville, singer/composer Alexandra Petkovski wears her European Dance-Pop influences on her silky smooth sleeves.
October 2017’s New Artist Forecaster is a hot treat, guaranteed to light you up like a jack o’ lantern with a beguiling mix of sleek indie rock, futuristic synthpop, avant-garde weirdness, and low-down heartfelt R&B and hip-hop.
It’s not often that a new producer gets shouted by Zane Lowe on his Beats1 Radio Show before even releasing a full album. Thus is the emotional power and resonance of Toulouse, a Nigerian-born singer and producer based out of NYC.
With new music from upcoming artists Liyv, GIRLI, King Henry, and more, September’s New Artist Forecaster is lit. Kick back, turn up your speakers, and enjoy.
Nashville’s CAYNE brings together the best of rock ‘n roll, soul, hip-hop, and gospel, becoming the face of Music City’s future.
New artist Max Cooper is recommended for fans of Ben Frost, Aphex Twin, Brian Eno, or anyone who is able to tackle complex emotions and narratives while making powerful, ahead-of-the-curve dance music.
That simple majesty of an artist so new there’s nothing out there to sway your opinion on them. All RahRah has to her name (on the internet) is two songs and an Instagram. I’m sure that this will all change very quickly.
L.A.’s Kat Leon have issued marching orders and a battle cry with Orphans, the lead single off of Holy Wars’ Orphans EP.
B O K E H has one of those voices the whole world could get behind, if they could only embrace that honesty often comes with a side of darkness. With stark lullaby production and a sing-songy way of belting out her dreary sadness, B O K E H has all the makings to be something really special.
Raye started making waves last summer when she was featured on tracks from Jonas Blue, Jax Jones and Charli XCX. But now a year later and she’s got a whole bunch of her own original music for us to pay attention to.