Best New Artists

Just because awesomely catchy, slightly sensual indie future electronic singer-songwriters seem to be a dime a dozen nowadays, doesn’t mean we shouldn’t pay attention to each and every one. Especially if they’re as awesome as Soleima. This Danish pop princess crafts perfect tunes with the help of a variety of different genres.
You know you’re a nineties kid when your sound is more reminiscent of that heavy mascara-tinted alt rock from 1999 than anything on the market today. Black Top Queen are some much needed pop-rock heaviness in a world where the music is all either too heavy, too electronic or too pop. Where’s the hook AND the reverb? You can have both, you know. Just look at the dudes in Black Top Queen.
Los Angeles-based band 3 TEETH is quickly gaining momentum with their heavy industrial sound that’s perfect for fans of bands like Ministry or Nine Inch Nails. They’ve already caught the attention of TOOL (who they’re actually touring with!) and you’ll soon find yourself anticipating the release of their upcoming sophomore album, .
Glasgow-based quintet WHITE is bringing back the “art-pop” genre of the early 2000’s that spawned bands like The Faint and the Arctic Monkeys, but they’re adding their own unique and fresh twist. WHITE’s highly anticipated upcoming debut, Cuts that Don’t Bleed, is packed full of raw garage rock riffs and moody bass lines that will keep you coming back for more.
What is it about duos making ridiculously awesome electronic pop music? Well, we don’t know, but if the formula works— don’t fix it. Brand new UK-based duo DIICE have certainly made a splash with their debut single, Multigold. If you’re into mystical yet moody electronics, intricate beats and striking female vocals, than you’re sure to love DIICE’s hazy sound.
Brisbane, Australia native Callan Alexander aka CLN is quickly gaining praise with his swirling electronic soundscapes and intoxicating vocals. If you’re in need of some epic electronic whirlwinds that will give you the energy boost you’ve been craving, then read on to discover one of our favorite new artists.
British singer-songwriter JAZZ MORLEY has cast her spell upon us here at The Guard, and she’ll soon have the same effect on you. She lists fellow new artists like LAPSLEY and JESSIE WARE as influences, and when you hear her sultry, haunting vocals and soft electronic sound it totally makes sense. Read on to discover your next favorite alt singer-songwriter, Jazz Morley.
Self-described electro-organic dream pop band FOR ESME first grabbed our attention at SXSW 2016, and ever since we’ve been totally obsessed with their debut album, Sugar. Toronto-based band members Martha, Nathan, and Dave are creating some serious magic with their dynamic soundscapes and stand-out lyrics that make them a must-listen for fans of Metric, Chvrches, or Robyn.
According to their SoundCloud page, new band Girl Friend were inspired by the classic and refined electronic pop sound, which totally comes through in their blissful neon-laced pop songs. If you’re a fan of alt-pop artists like Robyn or new Carly Rae Jepsen, or even artists like Classixx, read on because GIRL FRIEND is sure to be your new favorite electronic pop duo.
WOOLF AND THE WONDERSHOW is a brand new duo out of Los Angeles and their infectious indie pop dance-inducing sound is quickly gaining them a following. I imagine this is what it would sound like if One Republic went on a mission to start a feel-good dance party that would attract both mainstream radio and festival-goers alike.
Toronto-native Michael Goldchain aka GOLDCHAIN is a brand-new producer who is already stirring up some major buzz in the music blogosphere with his debut single, No Sleeping Now. We were instantly blown away by the track’s blissfully light and airy feel that would serve as a perfect soundtrack for your upcoming warm summer nights.
In 2014 a mysterious band appeared on the internet under the name The One and Only PPL MVR. We still don’t know much yet about band members K-PO, SNWBLL, and Q, besides the fact that they are based out of Los Angeles and have their character personas down to the T.
SHALLOWS is a hot new electropop duo out of Los Angeles. Their debut single, Summer Sucks, is here just in time to get you pumped for warmer weather, and once you hear their shimmering guitars and synthed-out production, you’ll be defenseless to their infectious dance-inducing sound.