Best New Artists

If you’re looking for some blissful new sounds that you can include on your next cool down playlist, then read on to discover the awesome new music of ARIZONA.
Once you hear what Los Angeles-based new artist ELOHIM has to offer, you won’t be surprised to discover that we here at BitCandy are totally in love with her hazy indie pop sound.
New artists Nate Flaks and Noah Longworth, better known as Sleeping Lion, make dreamy indie-electronic music. They are brilliant, taking the heartfelt indie songwriting and ramping up the production all the way.
Emerging artist Rick Rufio has a beautiful, seductive voice that will make men and women swoon and jump over the moon. It doesn’t hurt that he’s got cred up the wazoo, touring as one of Rudimental’s live singers.
We know there are tons of great new artists coming out of Melbourne, Australia lately, but new producer ARCHY STRANGER stands out from the crowd with his totally infectious debut single, Fundamentalism.
New artist Maggie Eckford, aka RUELLE, is quickly gaining some well-deserved attention with her intoxicating dark-pop melodies and cinematic production.
The world may not know much yet about mysterious Chicago-based new artist KAY FRESCO, but we do know that he’s making some seriously awesome chilled-out instrumentals.
It’s only a matter of time before you start hearing 20-year old Sara Hartman on the radio, as her debut track, Monster Lead Me Home, is destined to make her a pop hit!