Best New Artists

S O H N is one of our fav new minimal indie artists from London / Vienna. Check out songs like Warnings and Oscillate to hear why!
Check out New Music for 2012 with our favorite new Electro find: Carlos Serrano. Some great mashups we review and discuss in our New Finds section at The Guard. Listen!
The first release from indie rock band ON AN ON, 'Ghosts,' is a combination of guitars, drums, and dreamlike vocals with some electro effects thrown in for good measure.
Astronauts, etc. combines a couple things that are near and dear to me: sci-fi and beautiful music. The first EP, Supermelodic Pulp, is due out September 8.
Hailing from Gothenburg, meet Sea Lion. Led by the quiet, childlike vocals of Linn Osterberg, Sea Lion creates some of the best New Music For 2012.
Lazer Sword has released some New Music For 2012 with the follow up to their critically acclaimed self-titled debut, Memory, hitting shelves back in May.
For a group that only has two songs, MVSCLES sure is making a splash all across the interwebs. Their first track, "Sweet n Sour" was released about a month ago.
The LA-based duo Freedom Fry is much more than just a gimmicky name. For starters they're a future Top Indie band.We're excited to see what this multicultural duo do next
The Stockholm natives Holograms, the band behind our latest New Music For 2012, prove that the Swedes are better at punk rock.
Industries of the Blind were formed in 2003 by ten neoclassicists. Last year, the instrumental band dropped their debut album, Chapter 1 - Had We Known Better.
Gem Club is one of The Guard's latest favorites in it's New Finds Section. Listen to the gorgeous chill singer songwriter tracks here!
There's a good chunk of Top Indie producers these days making 80s flavored tracks. Teeel kicks it up a notch, forgets influences, and just makes straight up new wave.