Best New Artists

There's a good chunk of Top Indie producers these days making 80s flavored tracks. Teeel kicks it up a notch, forgets influences, and just makes straight up new wave.
Fidlar is comprised of four friends who grew up in the L.A. Punk scene. You learn just about all you need to know about them from their initial hit, "Wake Bake Skate."
In Top Indie music, there are rule-followers, then there are ARTISTS who say fuck all y'all and do something way better. Iamamiwhoami is part of the second group.
Doe Paoro is a The Guard's new pick to watch on the indie pop Brooklyn singer/songwriter scene. Great tracks like "Born Whole" and "Can't Leave You" are must listen here!
Unlike the iconic X-men she adopted her moniker from, Kitty Pryde cannot walk through walls, but she can spit fierce rhymes about boys, online dating, and Taylor Swift.
Our new favorite new indie music find at The Guard is Noosa. Think Lana Del Rey meets the dance floor and you have the essence of Noosa. Listen to her song Walk On By!
Summer is upon us and that means it's the best time to relax and listen to new music. So, The Guard is offering a new band to add to your summer collection: Slow Club.
Hot As Sun makes low-fi electric pop music that tends to be omnipresent in big cities across America. Yet that simplistic definition doesn't do justice to their sound.
There is nothing that The Guard love more than a fierce Top Indie female musician. It is unsurprising, then, that we instantly fell for California's The Colourist.
Forss is the nom de plume of Berlin-based Swede, and Soundcloud CTO, Eric Wahlforss. This Latest New Music truly is the official music of 3 a.m.