Best New Artists

In 2005, Montreal musicians, Kim Ho, Sid-Z and Lisa Ivy, came together with one mission on their minds: "To chew you up and spit you out." And thus, Creature was born. Check out their music here.
In this installment of Best New Indie: You might just be lucky enough to hear the kind of noise that fantastic indie-dance crossover act Saturday Night Gym Club like to make. Click to listen.
"La Promesa" delivers just what Electro-Rock needs. And right now... it needs L.A. Calling. Check out L.A. Calling's video La Promesa one of our favorite new finds.
Based solely on their looks, LA's Dinosaurs on Mars seem to resemble a pair of beatkniks from some yuppy New York borough. Check out the latest new find on The Guard.
Another week, another great up-and-coming electronic band out of Los Angeles, but this one is four years in the making. The Child is anything but naïve, as they write songs from the (broken) heart. The heavy synth and doom-producing bass drips in atmosphere, often creating a slightly bombastic hollow tunnel that the music travels through.
With platinum blonde hair and hailing from Stockholm, comparisons to Robyn are inevitable for Swedish dance-pop artist Vanbot. Born Ester Ideskog, this charming Swede crafts clean, energetic songs drenched in synthesizers and drum machines.
Imagine an artist well in tune with themselves, understanding the boundaries of human emotion and vocal possibility, crashing into your ears like a vocal tide...that's Tess Brunet from Au Ras Au Ras.
Whether it is Lennon and McCartney, or Avey Tare and Panda Bear, there is nothing quite like parallel yet paradoxical song writing partnerships. Electric Guest are another one of those curiously conflicting combos.
You might wanna check out Paper Lions, a Canadian indie pop-rock band just discovered as New Music for 2012 on The
Brooklyn bands still possess the know-how to take the indie pop formula and shape it into a work that's lively and interesting without making it too inaccessible/wacky. It's something that one of my favourite bands right now, Snowmine, have been able to do fantastically.
The Los Angeles/New Zealand outfit NO seems to have a hard-on for obscurity. Along with having a name that's essentially impossible to google...check out their music here!