Don’t you just hate it when you’re out at a bar, you meet someone, and you think you’ve made a great connection with this person -- until you lean in for a kiss and they immediately evaporate into smoke, and you’re left standing there like a wide-eyed dingus? Oh, and also there’s a weird figure in red hovering around you. Like, EVERY time.

Australian singer Kirsty Tickle A.K.A. Exhibitionist knows this plight so well, she dedicated her entire, NEW video to it. Welcome Exhibitionist’s second single, “Motionless,” which was released late last week. Listen to “Motionless” below and watch her interpretive-dance her way through the vid.



What’s that? The red figure that’s taken way too many pre-natal pills is a metaphor? The dancing is just symbolism? Oh man, well THAT went way over my head.

youtube Let’s talk about the actual track though; the minimalist pop mood in “Motionless” is channeling some serious Little Dragon-esque vibes. Drum rolls occasionally burst forth, and Tickle’s voice is small and pristine though transitions smoothly into an orchestral voice when the jazzy and lush chorus hits.

But what is “Motionless” about? Exhibitionist claims it’s about friendship, love, and the turmoil of it all. That explains the air of a sad innocence surrounding the song. “We keep making the same mistakes,” she sings at one point. Yiiiiikes.

“Motionless” follows “Hands,” which was Exhibitionist’s first single many months prior. Can we get an album soon tho? The Exhibitionist Soundcloud is located right here.