Forest Blakk - Love Me

We Are: The Guard readers, I ask you: have you had your heart disintegrated before? Had to go through a hellish break-up? Ever been so sad you’ve eaten an entire dessert by yourself on a Friday night? Have you been watching This Is Us? If you answered yes to all these, I’m really sorry man, but have I got a tune for you!

Forest Blakk is a new emotive songwriter hailing from Canada, and his debut single “Love Me” will have you in your feels. Trust me. I haven’t felt this pained since finding out the calorie count on the back of my food packages was only meant for ONE serving (Who DOESN’T eat a bag of chips in one sitting??? Hello?!). Listen to “Love Me” below.



soundcloud “Love Me” is a gentle acoustic ballad, but best experienced with some blue-tinted glasses. To put it in other words; if you’ve been slapped raw in the face by Cupid, you’ll listen to Blakk’s song and think, “yup, same.” Blakk sets the stage: a bare-it-all strumming of a guitar with just a hint of blues to give “Love Me” a rough edge. And then there is the baring of Blakk’s soul, whose vulnerability pours through with the fragile, aching stinging in his voice: “If you don’t love me, let me know.” Solid banger -- can I call a song a banger if it’s this seeped in melancholy? Hmm...

Forest Blakk, you’ve done good with your debut track and I personally can’t wait to ugly-cry to the singles to come. Soundcloud is over here, guys. Stay tuned.