Recently named the happiest nation in the world, Norway is not only known for its exceptional petroleum reserves and quality of life, but also as an emerging hotbed of new electronic music. Contributing to this Nordic-based musical renaissance is Ariadne Loinsworth, known professional as Ary. We Are: The Guard takes a listen of her new single, "Childhood Dreams."



Not often do you view dropping out of school as a smart career move, but it was a great decision by the young singer/producer. After being signed by the aptly-named Petroleum Records, based in Oslo, Ary quit school for the sake of dedicating time to her craft. She goes from various recording rooms in Oslo hoping to capture the perfect sound for her forthcoming debut album.

Unlike some of the more internationally-popular electronic genres, Ary’s works can be described as soft and smooth listening, refined for those seeking an equal priority of synthesizer and vocals. Having a vocal sound somewhere in between Björk and Lorde, you notice a lot of raw similarities between her and aforementioned ladies. "Childhood Dreams" personifies that special sound established by Ary in her brief career. It is accessible and as relaxing as some coffee shop tunes, while as engaging and catchy as the next pop chart hit.

Even if you are not a fan of electronica, Childhood Dreams unsuspectingly draws you in, as addictive as it is memorable. Hopefully, one day Ary could rise to the level of recognition like that of either the Icelandic legend or the Kiwi sensation. If this track is any indicator of her future success, I would put my future in her stock.