Here are some definitive facts: Puppies are cute, pizza is delicious, and Bassnectar drops some insane-*ss bangers. It’s a constant guarantee, and his new track, “Interlock,” a grimey bass-ridden collaboration with Atlanta duo ATLiens, has everyone at We Are: The Guard foaming at the mouth for more.



The track follows the same set-up as most EDM songs go: Build-up, build-up, build-up, and then a drop that will hopefully melt my face off. What makes this Bassnectar & ATLiens collab work, aside from having two big bass-hitters in one track, is the sample they use. Throughout the track is a deep, warped voice running across it, eerily reminiscent of the little devil that lives on my shoulder every weekend that tells me to make horrible decisions. Honestly, I really have no clue what the sample is saying, and it breaks into an erratic rap when the drop hits that has me suspecting that it isn’t even English. It’s weird as hell, yet it makes sense, and makes the song dirtier than it already was.

Another definitive fact: The second drop to a trap/bass-heavy song like this should always be better than the first. This one certainly delivers. It’s like being vacuumed into an underwater vortex, really. Like planting your face in front of a fan and laughing at your voice when you’d speak into it (YOU KNOW WHAT I”M TALKING ABOUT!!).

So now I’m just wondering. Hey, Bassnectar, ATLiens? You gonna make some more hits like this in the future, or what? Cause this is fire -- flame emoji and all. For now, “Interlock” will do. Listen on max volume in your car or in your apartment, and act a fool when the beat hits. I think the neighbors will appreciate it, too.

“Interlock” is out now on OWSLA.