Best New EDM Electro

As the veritable queen of Bounce Big, Freedia can do anything she wants. A reality show? Check. Her own app where she twerks over the video you take with your camera phone? You bet your ass. A vicious spitfire remix over a bubblegum-trap anthem? HOLLLER!
If psycho-pop bubble gum trap is a genre (and it is) then LOL belongs at the top of the charts. This is pure pop manic energy and its creation is beautiful.
Crankdat's Dollars is an upbeat melodo-trap banger that’s perfectly engineered for thousands to bounce around massive arenas and share emotional resonance and rad dance moves with everyone within a hundred foot radius.
There’s been a lot of speculation, over the years, who was the real backbone of Crystal Castles. The cynics claimed Alice Glass, Crystal Castles’ original singer, as just a replaceable face. But if Blood Oath is any indication, Glass was responsible for Crystal Castles’ experimental edge.
Zhu’s newest single, Dreams, is kind of a nightmare, but a dream come true for bass freaks. For those who aren’t afraid of the shadows, those willing to go to great lengths to find wonder and excitement, Dreams is about to make your EDM dreams come true.
Looking to continue their momentum from their earlier singles, Los Angeles-based producers named Oliver dropped their newest track, Chemicals, with the vocals supplied by MNDR. We Are The Guard takes a listen.
Dubstep in space! Kid Antoine Pairs Sparkling Synths And Skeletal Beats On Inclusive! The stars have perfectly aligned for Kid Antoine’s Inclusive, with its spartan beats and starshine synthesizers.
Fresh and new, Laronge released their official debut track called Third And Indiana. We Are The Guard dissects this new song courtesy of their resident pessimist named Kenneth Tran, which is also my official name. Nice to meet you.