Best New EDM Electro

Sofi Tukker's Fuck They might just be the most punk-rock dance song of the summer. Push the constant profanities aside, and you’ve still got a blatant middle-fingers-up anthem with a great synthline accompanying the succinct and shameless message surrounding it.
Listen to the last 24 years in time-lapsed photography in Youngr’s 93! Youngr’s 93 suggests a future living in harmony with the past; where technology augments our reality instead of replacing it.
It’s 2017, and according to pop culture in the ‘80s, this means I’m currently living in the future. Where is my glitzy, techno-filled future that I was promised in The Jetsons? Thankfully for you, we found it. Listen to Oliver’s fun new single, Heart Attack featuring De La Soul below.