Best New EDM Electro

Visceral in disposition, the newest EP from Los Angeles-based musician vōx called I / You combines her powerful vocals with a massively, experimental soundtrack. Listening to it almost feels like a religious experience.
Tape Machines, self-described as two Swedish producers making awesome music, is as fresh and yellow as they come. Dirty Linen Sheets presents a tale of a one-night sexual encounter between strangers that turns a little more romantic than intended.
Karen Marie Ørsted, known professionally as MØ, is quickly becoming one of the hottest commodities to come out of Denmark since the development of LEGO blocks, and her newest single, Nights With You, further whets our appetite.
We’re a sucker for old-school progressive trance and house here at We Are: The Guard and Notaker has absolutely got a handle on what we love about all of the prog classics we grew up with.
While Daye Jack’s new full-length No Data is full of hits, the standout to us here at We Are The Guard is this funky groover featuring Domonique. Supernatural Remix and all other 11 tracks on the album are rife with incredibly rich production.
Not much is known about Oslo-based musician Marius Elfstedt, also known professionally as Melf, as his career has just started. We Are The Guard takes a look at this up-and-coming producer and a listen of his newest single, Guilty.
Just when I thought the tunes from across the pond would slow down a little after an intense start to 2017, here comes another electro track from Europe by way of London. Welsh singer/producer Rachel K Collier is still delivering the thunder with her new track, Paper Tiger.
While prepping for their first ever live show, Ritual decided to cover 6lack’s Loyal and release it online. It is difficult to call Ritual’s version of Loyal a cover, as the song barely resembles the original incarnation released by 6lack nearly a year prior.
Recently named the happiest nation in the world, Norway is not only known for its exceptional petroleum reserves and quality of life, but also as an emerging hotbed of new electronic music. Contributing to this Nordic-based musical renaissance is Ariadne Loinsworth, known professional as Ary.