Best New EDM Electro

I used to live in SoCal, where May was the signifier that summer was really here. It’s hot as hell and you just want some summer dance tunes for your pool parties and your bbqs and your beach adventures. But now I live in Denver where it’s STILL goddamn snowing. Now for those tunes I’ve been promising you. New music from Galantis, Kygo, Friend Within, Boston Bun and Noisia. WOW!
Coachella is always a huge moment in our year as dance music culture aficionados. So treasure it, enjoy the newscycle and pray for April to be over sooner so we can move on to bigger and better things. Out of the ashes does come some killer tunes from some killer artists. Let’s look-see! New killers from Huoratron, Flume, AC Slater and SEVEN OTHERS! YAY!
We’re right in the thick of it, right in the best season for the best music. I’m discovering quality every day and I’m ALWAYS psyched to share it with you. New music from Cookie Monsta, Lindsay Lowend, RUSKO, Worthy, Classixx and M Machine. OH BOY. Here we go.
What do you get if you cross the world’s best dance music tunes and a dumb writer writing dumb things about them? This Week’s Best of Dance Music Post on The Guard! For your ears only, amazing music from Pumpkin, Seven Lions, SBTRKT and Soulwax.
New Tracks from Axwell, Boys Noize, Jack Beats. That’s like the holy trifecta of dudes who have been more than great for ten plus years. Legend status. Oh yeah, and other awesome music from other awesome artists.
This week's best electro house includes some Awesome New Awesomeness from Getter and MSTRKRFT and Rusko and Boys Noize. What, is festival season coming up or something?
Treat yourself to these new electro tracks from Pretty Lights, The Magician, Disclosure and more! Let's party to this playlist until we puke.
Check out our electro music selections from Far Too Loud, Sloth Logic, Gina Turner & Tony Quattro and some fresh faced new kid on Ed Banger called Fulgeance. I’m listening, are you?
Let’s wash away our lonely tears the only way we know how, with some of the finest dance music tracks! New insta-classics from Feed me, Pegboard Nerds, Deadmau5 and my personal favorite act in the world, The Funk Hunters.
I hope you are ready to have your socks blown straight through your shoes and your shoes blown through the floor of your car. How about new EDM from Autograf, AWE, NIGHTMARE and Wiwek!
Okay, I scoured the net and found ten huge tunes for ya. New insta-classics from R3hab, Busy P, and a massive new team-up from SNBRN, Shaun Frank and Dr. Fresch, in this week's best new EDM!
Let's have the best time that people can have not actually interacting with each other in any way shape or form. Enjoy sweet new sweetness from Bixel Boys, Loadstar, Caspa & Rusko, and Basement Freaks on this week's Best Electro!