While literally every other early 2000’s electronica act came out of the woodwork during, after, or despite the EDM boom to rightfully claim their spots atop the throne of dance, there seemed to be much less of a presence than you’d expect from legends like Goldfrapp.



Well now we don’t have to “wait anymore,” as the lyrics of their first single in four years eponymously put it.  This has always been an act that was hard to pin down, jumping from ambient trip-hop to electro-clash synth-pop and right back again.  Even foraying for a brief stint into the much maligned genre of folktronica.

The British duo of Alison Goldfrapp and Will Gregory are finally returning to the droney yet catchy dance-pop roots that helped them break onto the scene in the first place seventeen years ago.  “Anymore” is a can’t miss single from two amazing artists that are firing on all the right cylinders. 

While we may not have heard much from these two while dance music became a global phenomenon, they are here when it counts, getting in at the last bastion of our civilization with a song that can make everything feel alright for four minutes.

We live in a culture that craves nostalgia, but nostalgia that manages to prove it’s worth in a modern state.  Goldfrapp does that here in spades.  It’s like they’ve never left.  Or music never changed.  Or the world has turned and left me here. 

All I do know is that I surely can’t wait to hear the rest of their full length album, Silver Eye, coming out this spring.  If it’s anything as good as this track, we certainly won’t find ourselves asking, “What about Goldfrapp?” anytime soon.


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