We’re a sucker for old-school progressive trance and house here at We Are: The Guard and Notaker has absolutely got a handle on what we love about all of the prog classics we grew up with. Sure I could say that they just don’t make music like this anymore but then I’d blatantly be lying because now is clearly here and the present reality which gifts this song to us as a throwback modernization timeless enjoyment tune is all too real.  How progressive, Notaker.



With releases under his belt on Armada and Monstercat, Notaker was certainly poised to take on the whole gosh darn world of electronic dance music. But now with "Abyss" coming out on Mau5trap he has the seal of approval from Deadmau5 himself. The progressive-techno-trance legend will help back this St. Louis upstart all the way to the bank (festival lineups). While most people in the dance music community are going bigger and flashier, what we’ve got here is a restrained progressive groove, guaranteed to take you into space and back again. Our kind of jam. Yours?


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