I should admit I don’t have much concrete information about the London-based ensemble, Ritual, other than knowing they recently released an EP and added the vocals of Liverpool-born Mononoke to their merry men of three. While prepping for their first ever live show, the quartet decided to cover 6lack’s "Loyal" and release it online. We Are: The Guard just intercepted the transmission, so don’t adjust your wireless speakers, and please stand by.



It is difficult to call Ritual’s version of "Loyal" a cover, as the song barely resembles the original incarnation released by 6lack nearly a year prior. By no means is this a bad thing, as the artistic liberties taken with this cover is a masterful mix of electronica and soulful harmonies that even drew praise from the original creator himself. Though it is unlikely that this will be considered an official release from the group and ever see the light of day on a later EP or LP, their "Loyal" cover is a nice demonstration of what they can achieve in the future.

Early adopters of Ritual will be glad to hear that Mononoke is likely to remain with the group as their fourth member and main vocalist, as well as joining them on their live gigs in the forthcoming months. If you haven’t heard their newest single, "Drown The Lovers," please make sure to give it a listen to know what they sound like with their own material. I guarantee you won’t be disappointed. Spoiler alert: It sounds great.