Precocious young producer Tim Legend returns with his second viral hit, “Quicksand,” feat. Colin Dieben!



Tim Legend is wise beyond his years, as far as crafting catchy, hooky, melodic EDM. His debut single, “Hope,” starring guest vocalist Naomi Wild, has racked up nearly half-a-million plays on Legend’s SoundCloud in six months. “Quicksand” stands to explode three times as quickly, following a similar template of guest vocals; crisp, headnodding hip-hop production; with futuristic flourishes - glassy house synths and a Future Funk bassline.

“Quicksand” is a major step forward for Legend, production-wise. Legend’s signature chill beats and smooth, thick bass float in front of a backdrop of digitally detuned vocals and chopped-and-slurried sounds from Jah knows where. It’s in line with the most cutting-edge underground arthouse electronica, from artists like Oneohtrix Point Never, Blanck Mass, or femme provocateur Jenny Hval, but Legend polishes those jagged edges to a fine, silken edge.

“Quicksand” sounds like falling in love and being sucked under, as reflected by Colin Dieden of The Mowglis’ vocals. Thick, slurpy bass sucks at your feet like marshy ground, but this internment is not to be feared. It’s a delicious drowning. You can always dig yourself out, later.

We here at We Are: The Guard always advocate giving yourself over to love. We’ve given ourselves over to “Quicksand,” and we’ll likely be in “over our head” before you know it. 


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