Visceral in disposition, the newest EP from Los Angeles-based musician vōx called I / You combines her powerful vocals with a massively, experimental soundtrack. Listening to it almost feels like a religious experience. Take a seat, strap in, and take a ride along with us here at We Are: The Guard. Next stop Valhalla.



Starting with guttural moans of a man and woman who are obviously having intercourse, it draws upon the notion that whenever you are making love, it becomes a religious experience. I believe vōx plays off this presentation quite well, all the way down to the veil she has upon her head almost like a virginal lady, but she isn’t fooling anybody. Her charged voice is backed up by a processed male, creating an odd but innovative duet. Like they always say: It takes two to tango, and you can’t have sex with yourself. Well, that is somewhat true. In this case, you can always use electronics to give supplemental vocal backup.

Barely clocking in at 164 seconds, there isn’t a moment in "I/You" that is squandered or wasted. Each note and electronic manipulation serves its due purpose. Every part serves as a testament that not every new song has to follow a designated, cookie-cutter formula. We’ve all heard music that attempts to cram as many beats per second into a three-minute track as humanly possible. This is not one of them. Perhaps, absence makes the heart grow fonder, and minimalism still has a place in today’s music. Deliberate and powerful, "I/You" is loaded with charisma.

As I write this, vōx has a show across town at the Pico Union Project this weekend. After listening this this single, I might go check it out. If you enjoy this one, please don’t hesitate to investigate the entire EP, I Was Born, loaded with minimalist and experimental music. Good job, Sarah Winters.