Sweden wouldn’t be the first place I’d look for tropical house hits, but seeing how the genre’s booming popularity has surged in the past years, I shouldn’t be surprised. So let’s take a look at Gabriel Gassi, a new artist from Stockholm making hits. If you haven’t heard “Street Phone,” you should, but if not, listen to his new single, “Heartbreaker” down below. We Are: The Guard are a little thankful the tropical house phenomenon has reached Europe.



“Heartbreaker” starts off well enough, with a rather fluorescent soundscape that betrays the song’s own title. As it wants to suggest though, this is not a song about a lover scorned, and you learn this in the best way when Gassi’s vocals charmingly tumble into the dancehall chorus. I’m talking massive dancehall vibes, the kind that make your limbs involuntarily start swinging and hovering low to the ground, a little like how Sean Paul dances in his music vids. Except you’re not Sean Paul, and he can somehow make it work… SO WHY CAN’T YOU??

But I digress, and I should warn you: prepare for repeats. “Heartbreaker”’s chorus is a sly little earworm that you’ll be mumbling under your breath after a couple listens (case in point: ME). Like I hinted, I’ve never been to Sweden but I’m convinced it’s a beautiful place where electronic artists like Gabriel Gassi can make pop music so vibrant that it’s convinced me that heart-breaking is a trait I need in my love interests. Seriously, how is he doing this?

“Heartbreaker” is infectious and will have you moving throughout the rest of your week. Better drop Gabriel Gassi a line on his Soundcloud page to thank him for this week’s banger.