Not much is known about Oslo-based musician Marius Elfstedt, also known professionally as Melf, as his career has just started. We Are: The Guard takes a look at this up-and-coming producer and a listen of his newest single, "Guilty."



Another artist hailing from the electronic music hotbed of Norway, Melf has already gotten the attention from internet patrons due to his stylistic similarities to Flume. One thing is for sure, his works are very intriguing and palatable. The track, Guilty, features the vocal talents of Maja and a mix that borders on hypnotic, with lows and highs that could be visualized when you close your eyes. The minimalistic vocals are intentionally distorted to contribute to that hypnotic effect. The music itself sounds somewhere between Flux Pavilion and Flume, but seems to be drawing heavy influence from the latter.

Continually listening to this song, you cannot help but feel entranced by how the reverberations just somehow produce some intrusive, yet interesting contrasts that can be felt down to the bones. Simply put, it sounds a little disturbing, but I like it a lot. That seems like a nice compromise to me.

The only drawback is the vocals seem almost unnecessary, as it seems to divert from the dramatic hills and valleys of the mix itself. Come to think of it, it probably did prevent me from getting a bloody nose by dampening the intensity. As of this moment, Melf has only released a grand total of two tracks on Soundcloud, and not much other information is available through his various social media accounts. Yet, I have a feeling that we will be hearing a lot from him in the future.