Post Precious - Timebomb

While the entire country is getting a nice feel of autumn, it has finally reached the best coast after our final October heatwave here at the home for We Are: The Guard. Pet project of Alex Winston and Max Hershenow, Post Precious just yield their debut track named “Timebomb.” Get a whiff of this one before it blows up.



soundcloud Post Precious is an interesting new collaboration between Alex Winston and Max Hershenow, a friendship that lasted from coast to coast. If Hershenow looks a little familiar, he is a part of MS MR. Meanwhile, Winston has been tearing it up as a soloist. While on hiatus from their existing projects, this newly-minted duo is trying to explore a different creative outlet on their pursuit to release songs that come from the heart, without the gaze of critical record labels and executives.

The fruits of their labor of love called “Timebomb” is a synth-pop track that merges 80s style vocals with modern accouterments. The music composition sounds awfully like MNDR, and this is the best of compliments I can give an up-and-coming electronic project. Winston really comes into her own to make this “Timebomb” unique with her voice, which slices through the instrumentals like a knife to butter. Ridiculously addictive, the meager three-minute might not be enough to truly enjoy it.

Out of the numerous songs I reviewed over the last month or so, this one is definitely on top of my list. Simple, yet refined, “Timebomb” is a great debut from Post Precious. We are eager to see what comes out of the pipeline next.