Atlas Knox - Do It

Like a 4-CM diameter pimple the morning before a first date, this next artist has unexpectedly popped up to the surface as a game-changer. Okay, that was gross and I apologize a little, but don’t let my terrible analogies deter you from this next track. I SWEAR ON THANKSGIVING LEFTOVERS.

Not much is known about Atlas Knox yet, but it doesn’t matter because their first offering into the musical realm is fun, kooky, and impressive as all hell. Listen to “Do It” down below.



youtube“Do It” has an overwhelmingly positive energy exuding from its pulsing beats and -- dare I say it -- adorable vocals across the track, that it catapults the uniqueness of Atlas Knox’ first musical effort. It’s a big, bubbling fountain of happiness, and I’m finding it hard to find anything that ISN’T likable on this track. Unless you’re some sort of psychopath millenial, Atlas Knox will force a smile out of you.

You know what, let me bring that pimple scenario back -- because the cure for that zit, apart from some benzoyl peroxide, is a couple Atlas Knox streams. The chip-tuney vibes from “Do It” will amp you up to the point that you won’t even care that your own skin is eating your face. DO IT! LET’S DO IT!

Or you know, just play it whenever you need some revving up, preferably in less icky situations…. Whatever…

I’m expecting greater things from this promising musical project. Stay tuned to Atlas Knox’ socials.