Al Bairre - Don't Say / Go Away

After quite a long while since their last major release, "Don’t Say/Go Away" is the newest track from the Cape Town-based indie group, Al Bairre, who after a brief five-year career suddenly shocked their fans on social media in February with the news of their impending disbandment. However, the band is choosing to go out on their shields and give everyone a fond farewell before finally going on to different projects. We Are: The Guard takes a listen to one of their final swan songs.



Nicholas Preen and Kyle Davis are flanked by twins Tessa and Julia Johnson, who unconventionally brandish cellos and violins to create a very conventional pop sound that drew attention in and outside of South Africa. Therefore, it is such a shame that they already played their final live, leaving us to wonder what is going to happen next with the members in the near future.

The poppy, string-heavy "Don’t Say/Go Away" combines the Coldplay-like lead vocals with backup from the ravishing, yet goofy sisters to create a piece that is oddly akin to something from the Land of the Rising Sun. The lyrics refer to the classic Shakespearean tale of Romeo and Juliet, expressing the contradictions and posturing that goes into romantic relationships. The line in the chorus of “Go away no never mind won't you please stay” sums up this song so well and acts almost as an ironic statement to the band’s approaching breakup. There are a lot of fans are telling Al Bairre not to go, as well.

It is an enjoyable and fun track embodying everything that made this band so special, but holding a bittersweet message of goodbye. This is a breakup that I am sure nobody wants to see, so hopefully the band gets back together sometime in the future.