Canadian-born artist Alexandra Ashley Hughes moved from Toronto to the sunny confines of Southern California, and now goes by the moniker, Allie X. As the temperature hits the triple-digits here in Los Angeles, We Are: The Guard guarantee that Allie X’s "Vintage" will certainly be equally packed with heat.



Sounding like something from a bygone era, Allie X might be the modern-day Cyndi Lauper in the flesh. Like Lauper, she is an outspoken supporter of the LGBTQ rights, and the similarities in musical styles is even clearer. "Vintage" possess that classic flavor much more so than her earlier work, though it all falls under the synth-pop banner. If you are familiar with her body of music, "Vintage" sounds closer to "All the Rage" than "Catch" or "Paper Love." But the experimentation is par for the course for her, as the X in Allie X embodies the variable of a mathematical equation. X is fluid and forever evolving. That is what you are getting with "Vintage."

Obviously, there is a concerted effort to reproduce the synth-pop sound of the ‘80s here, as the track is called "Vintage," after all. As a critic about the quality of most ‘80s era pop music, I believe Allie X, luckily, captures the more pleasurable moments of that decade. Not an artist to shy away from edginess, Vintage actually follows a more straightedge trajectory. It doesn’t sound too far off from another transplanted artist, MNDR. Both are reviving the classic ‘80s sound and fusing with synth-pop for the new generation.