Amine - Redmercedes (Remix)

It has only been a year since Aminé debuted on the Billboard charts with his track, "Caroline." His newest one called "REDMERCEDES" is already primed for the same mainstream success, but with the remix version gathering the collective talents of AJ Tracey and Missy Elliot, it is guaranteed to be an automatic chart-topper. We Are: The Guard presents to you one of Portland’s best, Aminé.



If "Caroline" was good enough to hit 11 on the Billboard last year, "REDMERCEDES" will surely place higher than it, because the track is absolute fire. Reminiscent of those classic Missy Elliot jams, it just seems right to ask the queen herself to grace us with her presence for the remix. Loaded with a catchy hook and an amazing beat tailormade for anyone who wants to blow it out their aftermarket speakers and set off neighborhood car alarms, it is hard not to fall in love with "REDMERCEDES." Feels exactly like those summer nights riding down Sunset in the mid-2000s.

Aminé dropped a hilarious music video, as well, that turns racial appropriation on its head. Like it or not, that got social media talking. He is using humor much the same as the early days of Eminem. Obviously, Aminé has done his homework. As part of Vevo’s Lift program, Aminé is one of the future faces of hip-hop, along with up-and-comer Khalid. If that holds true, the genre appears to be in great and capable hands.

As someone who thinks the typical hip-hop tunes of today are loaded with autotuned dribble where every song sounds like a Drake one, REDMERCEDES is like time-traveling back to the days when Kanye was still single, Eminem was still angry, and Missy Elliot was still plus-sized. If hip-hop has lost its edge, this one tries its damnedest to revive the Ghost of Hip-hop Past.