Amy Milner

According to artist Amy Milner’s socials, poor girl was subject to piano lessons when she was five, which she probably hated, but that’s okay because I get to reap the benefits as a music listener today. JK, Amy -- but thanks for sticking to music.

We Are: The Guard readers, let me present to you the quiet, entrancing monolith that is Amy Milner’s brand new song, “Heal.” Listen below.



soundcloud Amy’s voice begins in such a small and vulnerable tone, it’s like it can fit inside the palm of your hand. The musicality of “Heal” flickers in and out, like the ragged breath of a dying human, but presents itself in a similar, visceral manner. There is something intrinsically human represented in Milner’s vocals, hence the idea/premise for the accompanying video.

If the video feels a little voyeuristic, you certainly wouldn’t be wrong. Milner explains on her Tumblr treasure trove that she hand-picked all of the used footage in her video, and found herself fixated on the videos of humans being humans.

Not in a Robin Williams “One Hour Photo” type of way, guys. More in the direction of genuine human appreciation -- which, let’s face it, we all need to remind ourselves about at the end of this year.

So sit back, close your eyes, and let yourself be moved by Amy’s powerful, ascending track. It’s like you’re in church.

If you need more Amy Milner, be sure to check out her last previous (and stellar) single, “Light of Day” on Soundcloud. (But Amy’s Tumblr is the real gold mine, guys.)