"You Might Be" is the newest release from Chicago-based electronic group, Autograf, who are about to embark on a tour that includes a festival stop at the famed Coachella. We Are: The Guard takes a brief listen this extremely-catchy composition.



Several years ago, Autograf produced a music/art instillation called the Future Factory, which stood as a standing tribute to Andy Warhol’s contemporary creations and the current influence of electronic dance music. They are not just serious about music, but extremely passionate about the art that coincides with the now-mainstream genre. Perhaps the trio wanted to put more substance back into EDM, which is currently synonymous for festivals inhabited by youth in swimsuits with neon body paint. Though their dedication to rebuilding the culture of electronic music is commendable, the music that Autograf releases are the most noteworthy and influential pieces. And there is no shortage of them, especially with the huge number of remixes they constantly churn out. "You Might Be" is a dazzle example of something that just seems to come so easy to these guys from the Windy City.

The strength of the vocals supplied by Lils truly contributes to allure and lovability of "You Might Be." Though she sings “You might be the death of me,” there is no sense this is a downer of song. As chill stuff goes, this one is as easy-going as it comes. Nothing seems stressed. Everything seems to come together organically. I found myself upset that it only lasted a mere three minutes. The simple remedy is just to hit repeat a couple dozen times until your neighbors get mad at you. It might one of my favorite house jams in 2017.