Bipolar Sunshine - Are You Happy?

With a professional name like Bipolar Sunshine, it is no surprise that Manchester-native Adio Marchant’s new song, "Are You Happy," is an emotionally-charged track filled with a light-hearted sound, but lyrics as deep as an oceanic trench. We Are: The Guard takes the plunge to explore this intriguing track from this promising vocalist.



"Are You Happy" starts off with a hymn-like intro and progresses into a positively upbeat rhythm with lyrics that are both the poignant and encouraging. The story told by Marchant is one that is all too common with young adults going through transition from dreams to reality, and love to heartache. The emotional baggage we all carry often affects our future decisions, as safety-mechanisms are triggered in our psyches. The lines of: “So tell me, are you happy?/Are you living in a world of broken hearts?/Tell me, are you happy?/Let's get happy” brilliantly sums it all up into a catchy hook able to grab at the heartstrings and motivate the listener to look at the brighter side, almost like a self-help book.

While analyzing this song, I found myself falling into brief melancholic episodes just to get whisked back to a level of assurance and comfort with passing chorus. It was almost a manic experience.

The combination of supporting vocals and lovely interjections of piano and percussion creates a surreal, almost religious experience. Honestly, I felt more joy listening to the message in this song than I ever did listening to Pharrell’s "Happy" (which often sounds more like satire than truth). If you ever find yourself in moments of mediocrity and melancholy, give "Are You Happy" a couple of quick plays. It probably does better than a dose of Prozac without all those nasty side-effects.