Bipolar Sunshine - The Scientist

Nearly a decade ago, Manchester-six piece Kid British seemed like the next be breakthrough band. Despite a few well-received Eps, like 2012’s You Can’t Please Them, they never did make it big. Instead, vocalist Adio Marchant created a new solo identity named Bipolar Sunshine. His very unique dose of pop and R&B fusion has given us multiple stunning covers, and his version of Coldplay “The Scientist” is just as hauntingly beautiful.



It’s the perfect soundtrack to a dreary, cold winter morning or just really whenever you need a good cozy cry. Delicate piano notes climb down to touch a velvety voice that longingly sings that familiar verse: “Come up to meet you/ Tell you I’m sorry / You don’t know how lovely you are.” Even if there aren’t any big leaps, it’s an accomplishment to keep such a steady, hopeful tenor throughout.

It still sounds very much like a signature Chris Martin song, but maybe, strangely, a bit more sincere. This cover is almost like a homage to what makes Coldplay so iconic – that they can pull the attention of a single person and an entire stadium all the same. As for whether or not Adio has that same kind of star power? He shows potential, but we’ll just have to wait for his new album to come out later this year to make a definitive answer.