London’s enigmatic electronic duo Domino Gold are burning down the internet with the scorching new video for “Wichita”!



Domino Gold encapsulate the sometimes paradoxical relationships between technology and Pop Music. On one hand, we want total authenticity from our pop stars, wanting to know what Taylor Swift had for breakfast; whether or not Azealia Banks is actually a mentally-ill closet brujeria, or if she’s just trolling hard; what Beyonce and Jay-Z named their twins; etc. On the other, we suffer from massive over-sharing burnout, making it hard to get excited about yet another jaw-dropping, awe-inspiring view from Coachella’s stage.

Likewise, the way we consume music remains at the crossroads of the 20th Century and whatever the next viral-marketing-strategy might be. While some of today’s biggest albums are surprise drops, coming out of thin air to blow people’s minds, like the latest from Beyonce, Frank Ocean, et al. For every innovative release, however, there are 10 times as many albums rooted in the traditional album cycle - releasing the debut single 3 months early, to create a hype, with TV and festival performances right before and immediately after the release date, no doubt followed by a high-profile, much-publicized world tour.

With the machinations of the Pop Music industry remaining stuck in the ol’ Payola schemes of schlocky ‘70s radio, it’s legitimately beyond exciting and refreshing to see a band blow up on their own merits.

Domino Gold’s first single, “Free Is Free,” garnered 60,000 plays on their SoundCloud, all on its own, with zero information on who, what, when, or why Domino Gold were. In light of “Free Is Free”’s viral sensation, many of us have been wondering and waiting what the future might have in store from the London producers.

“Wichita” is a more-than-satisfying return for Domino Gold, destined to thrill the faithful while earning loads of new followers. Quite frankly and totally blunt, “Wichita” sounds in, hip and with it enough to soundtrack any Urban Outfitters, yet underground and intimate enough to rage countless summer mixtapes about heat, passion, sex, and obsession. “Wichita” might possibly be the most satisfying alternative r&b/avant-garde electronica hybrid yet to hit the airwaves. Domino Gold exercise an admirable restraint, letting their spartan beats speak for themselves, falling like felt-tipped hammers, while squelching acid arpeggiators and synthesized strings bring a retrodelic, cyber-psychedelia to the proceedings. The female vocals are beyond soothing, being as emotional yet as distant as vintage Burial, and the cream of the late ‘90s Bristolian trip-hop contingent.

soundcloudWhile little autobiographical information exists on Domino Gold, just yet, it is just a matter of time until most of the world knows about Domino Gold! We Are: The Guard cannot wait! Here’s to a new era of tasty, tasteful electro-soaked r&b!

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