Gabriel Black - Hurricane

Heartbreak is a motha’ truckin’’ b*tch -- I should know. I got in a huge fight with my significant other this weekend and it resulted in me sadly drinking double margaritas at an obnoxious karaoke bar. THE PAINS OF LOVE. Sometimes, it’s not even worth it.

If you’re going through it -- maybe being ghosted for the third consecutive time by a Tinder hookup -- then pump this next track as loud as you can. And then throw stuff around your room; you probably need it. This is Gabriel Black’s new single, “Hurricane.” Listen below.



youtube First off, if you haven’t heard Gabriel Black’s eclectic musical offerings, please enlighten yourself. Black’s sound is relatable; it’s genuine, DIY indie, and he groups it with videos of his unique sketches, personalizing his music even further.

“Hurricane” presents itself as a stark emo anthem; the guitar riffs churning along the track are just the right amount of pop punk and fit well with the themes of the song: love fucking sucks. Gabriel Black does not hold back on his idea of soulmates, romance, and the like. “I got a bullet that’s wearing my name / I got another for you just the same,” he sings at one point, skirting the lines between dark and flat out morose. But like, I feel this spiritually. Because love with the right person is wonderfully inexplicable.. but loving someone who sucks just feels like a bunch of kicks to the nuts. Probably. I’m just assuming.

“Hurricane,” for all the love-bashing that it does, is a stellar single with impressive composition a la Sleigh Bells (and their rowdy, lo-fi sound). Listen to it over and over on Gabriel Black’s Soundcloud and stay tuned.