We Are: The Guard have reviewed one of Gordi’s emotional first singles off her album, “Heaven I Know,” and the feels just keep coming in anticipation of her debut release, Reservoir. This past week the Australian singer premiered a video for her song, “Bitter End,” and I never thought I’d feel so attached to a wooden marionette like this until now. Check it out below:



If “Heaven I Know” is a surging, brass-heavy orchestral tune, think of “Bitter End” as its counterpart. The track’s opening seconds imitate a soft, ethereal lullaby. Gordi’s vocals step in just as hesitant, but she finds her footing in the chorus. “Don’t deny me my bitter end,” she sings. The lyrical content is moody and borderline-nihilistic, but Gordi’s got a knack of just consoling those dark emotions she brews, with just her voice alone. The delicate, acoustic composition of “Bitter End” also warrants a couple listens at the very least.

spotify The video is fascinating. We find ourselves watching a day in the life of a blind marionette, meanwhile Gordi’s singing image flickers in the background. The blind marionette shuffles in the darkness by itself, struggling until Gordi’s voice once again swoops in to save the day and the puppet finds its way climbing up a wooden tower and then… falling back into bed. Your guess is as good as mine -- but “Bitter End” is certainly an impactful tune.

Suffice it to say, with her debut album finally out and already receiving great reviews, that Gordi might currently be having the time of her life. As she should, though. From the sound of it, Reservoir is an intense, emotional rollercoaster. So take a breather, girl.

Reservoir, Gordi’s debut, is out now.