Picture this: Three long-haired youngsters jamming with their parents. They formed a family cover band and played their own renditions of The Beatles and Van Morrison. Then one sister was swooped up to tour with Julian Casablancas, Roc Nation took notice, and so came the path to superstardom. We're talking about Este, Danielle and Alana, who are better known by their last name, Haim. After Jay-Z pushed their music to the forefront of the industry, they enraptured the rock music world with their 2013 album, Days Are Gone.

It's been a long time coming, but Haim is finally releasing their sophomore album, Something To Tell You. In preparation for the compilation's July 7 debut, they have been drizzling fans with scattered singles. The latest song, "Little Of Your Love," just might be their peppiest offering yet. While it still embraces their signature nod to the 60's era--in the style of Stevie Nicks and David Bowie--these 3-plus minutes are a tad more glittery. 



To the common listener, it's a purely fun track that's a swell accompaniment to a poolside, sunny afternoon and even for an early morning solo dance session. It starts us off with drum hit and a cascade on the keys and the melody just gets breezier from there. What makes Haim such a stand-out talent is that they can make the most intricate production and hooks sound light, whereas many of their peers can't help but sound heavy. The expectation for this formula shimmery rock-pop from them is becoming predictable,   especially the sisterly harmonizing, but for some reason we never get bored of it. Still we can't help to hope for a surprise on what is yet to be released.