Ider - Nevermind

London duo Ider released their debut EP last week, and with it came a track that’s best described as ritualistic synth pop. We Are: The Guard have “Nevermind” on repeat, with its grim, somber synths and delectable harmonies that make it incredibly hypnotic. No, seriously. I gravitated to this like I gravitate towards pizza.



The song literally marches to the beat of its own drums. The percussion slams hard like a militant crawl over the slow, lurching synth in the background, giving the song an almost ominous feel to it. Meanwhile the voices of both members of the group (Megan Markwick, Lily Somerville) intertwine smoothly throughout the track, whether it’s the harmonizing ad-lib running along the song, or their magnetic, chant-like verses.

“Nevermind, nevermind / The world will swing right back in a matter of time.” The lyrics read like a slow, steady mantra; a seemingly positive outlook on life over a semi-solemn track. I can dig it, and for a track as rigid-like as it is, and with the pacing of an Amtrak night train, “Nevermind” packs a heavy punch, and boasts a boldness that’s fun to listen to. Play Ider’s track during your next Wiccan gathering with your coven, under the full moon hopefully, and when you’re praying for a new promotion -- or significant other. Whatever floats your boat.

Ider’s EP, Gut Me Like an Animal (the same phrase I use whenever I’m hungover), is out now so you should do yourself the favor of checking it out.