In 2011, the entire music industry shed tears. The great electro-rock stadium band, LCD Soundsystem, assured their legion of devoted fans that they were calling it quits forever. Clearly though, they couldn't stay away, because this year they're fully back and proving that they're, dare we say, better than before. Following a long tour on the festival circuit, they announced that they're releasing a new album, titled American Dream and ever since they've been teasing us with selected songs off the compilation.



youtubeThe third single off their upcoming LP is called "Tonite," best to be listened to if you need to dance it out. "Tonite" is exactly what you want your local DJ to work into their club playlist below a disco ball. The melody feels like a nod to the past, where synths come from knob-laden machines like the Arp Odyssey instead of a sleek computer program.

James Murphy does what James Murphy does best. Instead of telling a love story like so many others, he philosophizes about life: “Man, life is finite/But shit, it feels like forever.” His musings, over flashy riffs, scattered keys, and simple drums are combined with a sort of expertise that only comes with experience—that can only be learned through the decades of entertaining that LCD Soundsystem has given us.