Word of advice to my We Are: The Guard readers -- Don’t listen to this next track on an empty stomach, or when you’re in bed and grumpy AF because your UberEATS order is taking foreverrrr.

Toronto-based artist/Probable neighbor of Drake, lemin., has just come out with an EP, and the first track off the release is a slow, sensual ballad that’s way too groovy for its own good. “Cookie Dough Skin” is like an homage to all the between-the-sheets, baby-making music of yonder. It’ll also make you hungry as hell. Listen to it below.



spotify My tummy’s rumbling. Yeah, lemin.’s voice is that specific kind of raspy that sends tingles up and down my spine, and the lyrical content is making me blush… but I’m also over here wondering if lemin. is that kind of baddie that eats raw cookie dough. My mind is also wandering about her preference in chocolate chip cookies. Does she like them melted? Crispy? How does she feel about chocolate chip ice cream? Is she a mint chip girl like me?

And which, exactly, is her favorite type of bubble gum, because I am Bubblicious all the way. I’ll take Hubba Bubba if that’s all that’s around though. You know what, I’m not picky.

Listen to “Cookie Dough Skin” with the lights dimmed low and some chocolate-covered strawberries in hand.

While you’re at it, listen to the entire, new EP, hold A: act 1 on her Soundcloud, because I am promising you, it is FIRE and one of the most enticing releases this month. Way to go, girl.